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IT Services

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Information Technology Services
Michigan State University

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (IT Services) at Michigan State University (MSU) provides students, faculty, and staff with technology resources that support the University's mission of providing education, conducting research, and advancing engagement.

IT Services works in partnership with the staff located within MSU's schools, colleges, and administrative divisions.

We provide central technology support across both the academic and administrative domains of Michigan State University and work to unify the various information technology visions across campus into one.

Our services are designed to:

  • Encourage active learning and scholarship by students and faculty through instruction, study, research, creativity, outreach, and engagement
  • Provide support for a variety of instructional techniques
  • Make data and information readily accessible and useful for study and work
  • Provide trust (security, compliance, consistency, and integrity)
  • Be robust and support business continuity
  • Have a coherent and consistent design and framework
  • Streamline and automate processes

IT Services Action Plan

The IT Services Action Plan serves to align IT Services' initiatives with those put forth in Michigan State University's Bolder by Design strategic framework.

The plan is intended to inform the MSU community of our strategic direction for 2012-2013.

Teaching and Learning Environment Funding

Details regarding the Teaching and Learning Environment (TLE) funding request and allocation process may be found in a primer.

Institutional Memberships

Membership in various professional associations provides higher education institutions a network of knowledge, support, and collaboration. The dedication and willingness of members to actively share ideas and experiences helps MSU understand academic trends, adapt to new technologies, and act on new opportunities.

There are a variety of national and regional professional organizations in which MSU staff members maintain institutional memberships.


IT Services is dedicated to being a valued information technology partner across MSU, providing leadership and delivering solutions that help move the university forward. Our performance is measured by the success of the people we serve.

Core Values

IT Services is guided by the following core values:

  • Inclusive Interactions: Trust building, listening, and learning
  • Service: Customer-focused and flexible
  • Excellence: Skills and attitudes
  • Accountability: Results-oriented and solution-seeking
  • Collaboration: Partnerships and teamwork


There are various employment opportunities at IT Services.

To apply, go to